Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Of Indian Men and Loose Bladders

I often wonder whether Indian men are born with loose bladders or is it one of the many privileges they have assumed for themselves.
When do we see women using parks, walls and lanes as their personal toilet?
Almost never.
Because 'holding back' is the standard Instruction for the Indian women.

Hold your tongue... girls are supposed to be soft spoken.
Hold your appetite... you're supposed to be thin.
Hold your words... nobody likes outspoken women.
Hold your temper... not seemly.
Hold Your libido... not at all seemly.
Well... so much holding back has had a wonderful salutary effect on our bladders
We are able to hold our water much better.

So cheers to the Indian Woman
We wrinkle our noses superciliously;
The privilege of dirty, yellow stained walls is one we don't want.

Text: Jasleen Hans
Illustration: Jasjyot Singh Hans